Lady Armor Tactical Training and Consulting

Founded by Shay Stone

Premiere Tactical Training for Women

Female Focused Firearms Training

Live classes and private lessons are currently available at Lonesome Dove Shooting Ranch, located in the Texas Hill country.
(online classes soon)

General pistol and rifle nomenclature

Drills for everyone from beginner to advanced

Glock platform familiarity *

* Shay Stone is a Glock Certified Armorer, however,
Lady Armor Tactical is not directly affiliated with Glock.

About Shay Stone

I’m a professional with 15 years experience as a Personal Trainer. I currently work in private security in Texas. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA and have been safely handling firearms and shooting since I was a little girl. I have completed both the TCOLE Firearms Instructor Class and the NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Class. I have also completed the Glock Armorer Class (I’m NOT affiliated with Glock) and the Son’s of Liberty AR-15 Armorer Class (also not affiliated with SOLGW).

Upcoming Events

Have you noticed that entertainment makes the innocent, unassuming young lady the hero that has to learn to trust her abilities so she can save her people? Katniss in Hunger Games, Tris in Divergent, Alice in Wondland etc. The list goes on.

No, you’re not likely to be called to save civilization, your nation, or anything large scaled. But, in today’s world, you might need to defend yourself or your family.

It’s time to build your skill set. Then, if the need arises, you’re capable and confident.

Shay Stone
Founder, Lady Armor Tactical

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